This new photo studio was designed for a site overlooking Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. The building was built over an existing foundation and is part of an ensemble that includes a public lake walk, an existing boat house, a natural rock wall that separates the main house from the studio, and a newly planted mesic prairie.

The studio is conceived as a single simple box volume with a glass bay and a red clad landscape wall to define the entry. A two story studio volume with wrap around glass faces the north lake view, and will double as living space for future uses. The glass bay appendage can be opened at the corners to convert to a screen porch in the summer. Entry is between the white volume and red landscape wall that reflects the stone wall to the west.


The box volume is conceived as an industrial container with galvanized cold formed ceiling channels, metal decking, and unstained concrete floor. The outside is constructed of a fiber reinforced concrete panel rain screen, accented by a horizontal cedar siding skirt, top and bottom, and a glass and aluminum panel system. The structure of the volume is cantilevered from the foundation. All corners are free of structure to open the house to lake views and breezes. The steel is set off these corners and exposed throughout the studio.

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2,900 SF

Completion Date 


Key Staff 

Kenneth Schroeder, Director
Molly Kinsella, Project Manager
Todd Niemiec, Project Architect


2008 Merit Award
Association of Licensed Architects (ALA)