Originally employed in the 19th Century New York City for bathing of its residence in the river, SMNG A researched recent models employed in Paris, Budapest, Vienna, and Berlin for the development of a Chicago model. As part of SMNG A's entry in an international competition organized by MAS Studio & Chicago Architectural Club the pool barge was employed as a strategy to activate areas of the Chicago River abutting Chicago's Emerald Necklace of boulevards and parks.


Following the competition SMNG A, with assistance from a visiting University Gradate Student, identified sites along the river, not part of the boulevard system that exhibited significant residential and commercial density, predictable pedestrian traffic, convenient access to water level and ample transit or parking. Configurations were explored that maximized year round use while permitting navigation of the waterways for trade and recreation with minimal interference. 

Key Staff 

Kenneth Schroeder, Designer

Todd Niemic, Project Manager

Peter Halquist, Design Research